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Caitlin Timmins, a Wisconsin native, has been sharing her music all over Boston since she arrived in the fall of 2010 on a scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. The pop/piano singer - songwriter has a proven to be one of Berklee’s most talented artists. Constantly pushing herself as a songwriter, Timmins has seen many great accomplishments with her music.


So far throughout Caitlin’s six semesters at Berklee, she has managed to accomplish achievements as a performer and as a songwriter that most Berklee students only dream about, from being selected to perform her own original songs in the Berklee Performance Center (Berklees largest venue) to being awarded the ASCAP Bart Howard Songwriting Award alongside internationally known artist, Jason Mraz.


In addition to those achievements, her most recent was with a Kickstarter project that reached its goal of $3,000 in the first 50 hours of it going live this spring, which funded the recording of her first full-length album.  She was also selected to perform in the Berklee Round Series at The Red Room in Café 939 alongside Berklee faculty and successful singer/songwriters Susan Cattaneo and Nancy Morris.


In March of this year, The Berklee Groove, a large publication within the music scene in Boston, selected Timmins as the Artist of The Month.  In an interview with them, Timmins spoke about what people should know about her. “I just want people to relate and feel like the music I write are their songs. I’ve always been so intrigued by the power that music holds. It can make people smile, dance, cry, get goose bumps – and I think it’s pretty amazing that when I put my life into a song, it can help other people with their own lives. That’s the real reason that I do all of this – why all musicians do this. Music is a form of communication that connects us all on another level.” 


Timmins is currently in the studio wrapping up her first full- length album.  With an extremely promising road ahead of her, she continues to write and record new music every day not letting any time go to waste.  As Timmins has been heard saying many times, “There is no plan B, this is it.”